Gary Clail, Nah, Fujako & Solar Skeletons

Bass Dub Elektro Experimental Hiphop Industrial Psychedelic
20:00 - 03:00 A night with 3 live acts from the US, Portugal and Belgium combined with an English sound system and extra Belgian dj's! Live : NAH (usa - Ranch Jam) FUJAKO (pt-be - Ångström Records - Wordsound) Fujako are Jonathan Uliel Saldanha and Nicolas Esterle, working with echo, bass and space, summoning unlooped hip-hop and telluric dub from the geological strata. SOLAR SKELETONS (sun - 10th anniversary birthday bash) A conceptual band with no limit of genre nor process Soundsystem: GARY CLAIL (UK - "Nail it to the mast" ) Gary Clail is an English singer and record producer and is the founder of the Gary Clail Sound System. He was part of On-U Sound Records and On-U Sound System and led Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System. In 2013 Clail formed the Gary Clail Sound System and began work on the album 'Nail It To The Mast'. It was released on 15 December 2014. DJs : Aymeric De Tapol (be - Vlek/Ångström) Dr_lvngstn (be - Ångström) Tzii (be - Night On Earth) rue crickstraat rue crickstraat 15, 1060 Sint Gillis
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